Overriding principle of DBAABCSED

There seems to be this awesome convergence of culture going on in America… Hell, worldwide.  Not to worry, this isn’t another fluff piece on how great social media is, if you’re reading this, that’s how you got here.  I’m going to delve into a newfound old school principle.

Don’t Be An Asshole Because Current Supply Exceeds Demand

It really is a very simple concept to master.  The world is loaded with people just itching to make people miserable.  Assholes.  Simple enough, there is your supply.  Why are people like this? Don’t know, but I’m sure they have been trying to answer this question forever. Hell… I bet when Shakespeare wrote his epic novel 300, he was just trying to figuratively illustrate assholes, the Spartans. Why were they all “no you can’t use our fancy rock hallway”… Those guys were outrageous, spearing and slicing everyone with the tenacity of somebody defending their place in line at a Starbucks (Tim Horton’s for you Canadians).  Anyway, I’ll move on now that we’ve established what an Asshole is. 

The demand for jerks is at an all time low.  Thanks to social media like Twitter, you can find awesome people from all over the world to share ideas and thoughts.  Suddenly, you are not bound by some lame Facebook page liking something from somebody you really don’t like.  I think that is what they do over there. Anyway, nobody cares, except me, for the purpose of this analogy.  No longer are you forced to read this far into an article only to realize that the guy is really touting the benefit of social media when he said it wasn’t about that. What an asshole thing to do. 

The world’s cultural walls are crumbling like some shitty German’s masonry work in Berlin.  Don’t be the asshole that nobody wants to interact with, because nowadays there are just too many options on the table to not have to deal with it.  When in doubt, just repeat the catchy acronym DBAABCSED over and over in your head.  It probably won’t actually do any good, but I just needed filler to add to the end of this paragraph.



P.S, Yea, I got nothing for the spot here, I should have stopped like 10 minutes ago…


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