I decide the price, don’t forget that.

Stop listening to everyone. (even me, I’m just as full of shit as the next guy)

It’s time for the annual how much are you worth derby in the grain markets. What do I mean, you ask? (you probably didn’t, but i wanted to inject my own clever cliche shit)  The time is upon us for everyone to come out of the wood-works and “tell” us who produce grain how much we are worth. This happens in several ways… We’ll get to that in a moment, but first…

My issue is being told what to do.  Personality flaw? You bet, I’ll swing at the reaper if he said, “Let’s go, it’s your time” Arrogant? Hell yes, If I’m not going to tout my own worth, damn sure nobody is going to step up and do it for me.  Stupid? Absolutely not, just standing on my own two and a half feet and commanding respect for my work. Amateur? Goddamn right, I’ve played by everyone else’s bullshit rules and have seen how slanted the rules are towards the people with the biggest platform, fuck that noise. <–Twice

Lets get something straight, I’m not the GD Howard Hughes of grain… what I produce isn’t going to fill a barge headed for any of the weird talking countries that buy our shit.  I’m not ADM or Cargill (however, if they paid me enough money, I’d come run their little shitbox companies), but I’m even more powerfull…


This puts me in the ultimate power position to dictate what my worth is.  Most producers are so hypnotized by whatever new green or red painted metal BULLSHIT is being pushed upon them, they forget this basic tenant. WE THE PRODUCER CONTROL WHAT WE GET FOR OUR TIME.  Fuck all the noise you read, hear, gossip, tweet, spread, and otherwise absorb.  Ignore all the talk of basis “movement”, it’s just paramount to the level of fuck that people want to put on the backs of producers. Yes, I know textbook definition of basis is “the cost to transport, deliver, bla bla bla fuck my ears and brain hurt”… My definition of basis is the amount that the buyers of grain are willing to disagree with the traders of grain, thus the amount that they are willing to “give up” or “gain” in order to control YOUR bushels. Control is power, and the cheapest way to gain power is to low-ball the idiots that grow the product out of it. Yes, I said idiots, because for far too long, we as producers have been accepting far to little for our product.

I fucking hate when some asshole says, “well, everyone has to make money here..” (farmers always hear this shit from equip dealers and grain buyers) Really fuckhead, I’m supposed to give up my sacrifice of labor, time, and sweat? Because your fatass wants a piece of the pie that you did nothing to bake? GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

Anyway, I’ve been sidetracked by my own mind… The point of all this random rambling is to remind my fellow farmers/ranchers of their position in life. You guys can say “go fuck off” to any offer laid on the table. Period. No questions asked. Don’t listen to all the bullshit about how it’s only worth this based upon fundamental or technical analysis…. they are only trying to BUY something because they feel there is worth in owning it. 

I’m the industry’s worst nightmare. I know enough to shine a light on everyone’s bullshit & there is not a GD thing anyone can do about it.







Fuck, that Chimay is some good beer.





P.S. Natural law is the final law.


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