Farm equipent auctions & other prick waving contests.

Nothing draws a crowd like a good or crappy farm equipment auction.  Thats all I got. I had a great premise in mind about how farmers stand around and mock the “trashy” equipment (that looks exactly as shitty as their own) and how it’s more of a social outing than a business venture. Next was yield “bragging” between neighbors, but I’ll save that for another time. (BTW my yield plot of 31N30 went 295bpa) <— yes, that’s me waving the shit out of it…

Now that I’ve got the dead-end shit out of the way, also known as the first bottle of alcohol, let’s roll on.


Anybody with young kids has probably gotten leggos before. Hell if you are ‘merican, you probably played the shit out of them when you were a kid. If you were not American, think square little rocks that snap together.  Anyway, enough about poor un-American kids and their lack of toys, hey not our fault your country sucks.

I’m sure most in my generation were inspired to build huge successes in life by things like leggos and other toys from our childhood. (except easy bake ovens, “here, melt this lead bar and pretend to eat it”)  I mean you had to use your imagination, no matter how crappy it was.  “look mom, an airplane”, says the kid holding up a brick of leggos that wouldn’t fly even if you soaked it in gas & lit it while said brick is strapped it to the neighbors cat.  Now leggos come in a “kit”….

Let me DEFINE “kit”.  A kit is a box with just the pieces needed to make the mass marketed figure/character.  Image

How do I have a picture of said “kit”? Because I fell into the trap of putting together leggos for my son.  I should have let him have the pieces to build his own brick.  It would have been 1000 times better than the Italian plumber standing on his “big wheel” motorcycle that is just stupid simplified.  In the future, we are going to let him go to town on his leggos without our help… right after we get done putting this JD tractor “kit” together…

Hence, the downfall of the U.S.A., 100% Leggos and parents fault.  One day, he is going to have to learn to wave the “bullshit’ flag for himself, even if it means waving it at his parents and society.

Sidenote: My wife just looked at the box and said “It’s made in Canada, that’s the problem”. I agree, damn Canadians, next time we’re getting Mexican leggos, at least they work.


p.s. Chris Knight is kick-ass music listen to while drinking and writing.


One thought on “Farm equipent auctions & other prick waving contests.

  1. Watched Seth Godin talk. The problem is the Lego kits. Why do we need to follow instructions. What if we let our kids build what they can dream up themselves?

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