Shitty stadiums and other stuff

I’m going to open this session with a common phrase uttered by people who suck at writing (and life)…

Can you feel it, the crisp night air, it must be… fall…football…get ready. <—- sucks to read that doesn’t it, like holy crap, had I not been told that, I might have drifted for months and awoke to snow thinking WTF? Why didn’t anybody ask me if I noticed fall? Screw people who write shit like that, it sucks and you know it, stop it.

Anyway, so yes it’s almost football. Hell to the yes, I say! There is nothing more exhilarating than talking crap to opposing fans via the Internet or some other form of communication (like smoke signals). I love pointing out how other people pale in comparison to my shining glory because I CHOOSE THE RIGHT TEAM!!! Any guess who that team might be?

THE OKLAHOMA STATE COWBOYS (screw Ohio state, we are the real OSU)

I’m the real OSU fan… I went to games when Bob Simmons was the coach. Enough said. Well, no it’s not… I”m pre-Boone.  I went to Lewis field/stadium when the exposed steel girders looked as if they were taken from piles at ground zero. (this was post 4/19 and pre 9/11)  The teams I watched were stocked full of great athletes… problem is they were mostly the studs with a .02 GPA from a Kansas Juco where there was more wheat than women.  Weekly rosters were most-likely posted in field-house and post-office.

As part of being in the agronomy club, I worked the concession stand one game. Didn’t learn anything profound there except for concession stands at college games suck. No wonder they hire the homeless people to work those things, they are the only people with shitty enough lives and bad enough addictions to work those jobs. I don’t feel sorry for people who volunteer, you are stupid, punishment fits the crime.

I remember when one time we beat some powerhouse, Texas, I think, and let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you run over and touch the goal-post that is being carried to the top of the stadium and about to be tossed down onto innocent by-standards. Nothing like a mob-scene that results from when your team REALLY SUCKS (iowa state) and you beat a national powerhouse.  I’ve participated in that, and I LOVE IT!

So understand, when I diss your team, it comes from a real point of dislike and disgust for the opponent and you. I don’t subscribe to the pacifists “lets all play fair and get along crowd” way of thinking. You suck and OSU rules.


Everyone who buys a new combine is compensating for small yields.  Ha Ha, bet you thought I was going to say penis.


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