Why can’t we all just NOT get along…

Compromise is the Achilles heel of fulfillment.  Every time you go along to get along, you are just chipping away at your soul.  Not your eternal soul, that’s a religious argument, but your integrity.                                – Jerod T. McDaniel

 (You won’t find that quote on any website or book, it’s mine.)

Let’s launch into politics. As most of you know, I hold the only correct political view that can be held by any American, I support Ron Paul.  Shut-up about the Republican Party nomination process… There is a better chance of finding a good NU football player than proving that this is a valid organization. (big 10 sucks, big 12 rules)  I’m sick and tired of all you idiots who could care less about the mitt and his qualifications, you just want to beat obama. (And no I will not capitalize their asshat names, because they are not worth the effort it takes to depress the shift key while typing)  Sound familiar, because the dumbasses that support obama could give two shits who it was, they just wanted to upend the republican party at all costs in ’08. 

So there you have it, all democrats and republicans can be summed up to a WWF (yes, WWF because anybody who comprimised and uses WWE is a pussy) storyline.  Congrats you partisan hacks, you both support candidates that have the same “run-in” music, some shitty Jack Johnson song you would hear on local FM radio because it is safe and that wouldn’t offend even the most soft-hearted wuss out there.  Ron Paul could strut in with some GNR followed up by Nirvana.

Now some smart-ass is going through their discredit Ron Paul list handed to them by fox news…. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF HE IS CRAZY AS HELL, HE STILL MAKES MORE SENSE THAN THE ASSHOLES YOU ARE ROOTING FOR BECAUSE SOMEBODY TOLD YOU TOO!!!!!!!

Enough about that



P.S. The next time somebody hands you a leash to wear around your neck, take it away and beat them with it all Woodrow F. Call style.


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